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*We Now Manage The -- COMPLETELY NEW & Better-1st CLASS COLLISION -- and are NO LONGER Associated with LG's For Technical Standards Reasons.

When it comes to No Deductible Shops in Az By Discounting Your Deductible or Top Collision Shops That Pay Deductible,we Have What You Want... In Addition to Trust, Safety and Top Quality. You "Quickly" want Your car to look just like New and a Top 10 Body Shop that Won't take advantage of You. At Best Deal Auto Body we go Way Beyond that. We offer FREE VIP, MOBILE ESTIMATES, and Free Vehicle Pick-up and Delivery service. (Call For Details)

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Best Deal Auto Body makes QUALITY Collision Repair ,Inexpensive,Affordable and Convenient! Not Only Do we Help Pay Your Deductible, we offer a Car Fax Killer- Warranty to Protect Your Resell/Trade-in Value. Our Goal is to make Your Choice & Life Easier With Our Low (Out Of Pocket) Cost & High End Repair VIP Services .

By Using Industry Approved Auto Body Discounts, we Can Discount Your Deductible to Zero-0-Meaning NO DEDUCTIBLE AUTO BODY REPAIR. You may Also Use Your Discounts to Upgrade Cheap Insurance Quality Auto Body Parts To Brand New Factory Parts If You Feel It's a Better repair . It's Your Vehicle (Your Second Biggest Investment?) and By Choosing Us You Get... Just What You Want ...More Than You Pay For and Guaranteed Better Results. Of Course You Can Pay Your Deductible & Get A Free Repair On Old Annoying Unsightly Damage While it's Already in Our Body Shop... Just Sayin :-)

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FACT: Paying 100% of Your Deductible To Insurance "Preferred Shop" Won't Stop Your Rate Increase or Protect Your Vehicles Value From Disappearing... Want A Better Deal? Choose the Top Rated Most Recommended of Discount Body Shops Near You / Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Scottsdale.Surprise.

FACT:No Matter If The Damage / Repair is $1000 or $29000 In Insurance "Preferred" Body Shops, Your Deductible Doesn't Change.

That Is NOT The Case With Us. Because we Always Apply All Relevant Insurance/Manufacturer. Approved I-CAR Procedures to Your Repair, the More Your Discounts Add Up. FACT!: The BETTER WE RESTORE Your Vehicle, The More You Save .Because Your Savings are Based on DEDUCTIBLE Discounts...NOT Compromises in Quality... Period!.

The Insurance / I-CAR/Auto Body Repair Industry have come to an Agreement on the Technical & Safe way to Repair Vehicles.

In addition, there are Collision Estimating & Manufacturer Recommended *Procedures found in (Procedure) "P" pages. The "P" pages explain what's included in the Repair Procedures Agreed upon in I-CAR Training & The Factory Approved Repair Process.

By Properly Repairing Your Vehicle based on I-CAR training and "P" page Recommended repair procedures we Will address All related Damages found.

Since we follow the Agreed upon Repair Guidelines, You can be Assured Your vehicle was Repaired Correctly BEFORE any Discounts are applied! By doing it this way there is No Compromise in the repair Only Applied Discounts to the Very Best Repair to Your Vehicle Backed By Our Carfax Killer Warranty.

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