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Our mission is to provide the best auto body repair experience in Pheonix Arizona. But don't just take our word for it! See what our customers are saying about our services.
I'm fortunate to be in a position to have inside access to all the high end body shops in Phoenix and have great working relationships with the top insurance appraisers too. Even though I work in retail luxury car parts, I also enjoy a good deal when I can get one.

After my Mercedes ML 350 was damaged by a hit and run driver (again), I was in no mood to pay my deductible (again).

I knew of some body shops that "waive your deductible", but wanted to hear from experts what their experience was.

I was told to use Best Deal Auto Body and to let them know that although saving my deductible was a consideration, I wanted a high quality repair too.

Having used the best high end shops in town, I knew what I should expect. Other than a need for a slight improvement in communications,

I was not disappointed in any way.

The customer service was top notch, the repair matched or exceeded the best auto body work I have experienced, but the waiving of my deductible definitely separates them from the other top 10 quality body shops.
don depaul
I was absolutely happy with my car repaired at the Best Deal Auto Body. They did it quickly with the maximum courtesy! Karen has been always available on the phone providing updates on the process. The manager Alex is great! The most important - they waived my deductible!
Alec S
I chose Best Deal Auto Body to inspect my 2016 Range Rover at work.

Their original estimate was $1600... a lot more than I expected.

Although hesitant,I decided to go through my insurance company.

After the tear down and insurance estimate, the damage cost rose to over $4500.00.

They made dealing with the insurance company a simple process, waived my deductible and delivered the car to my home just as promised.

Initially I went to them for price and convenience, but the service and quality equaled their claims and reviews.
Sonny Batheja
The auto body shop that did the first repair turned out to be an expensive lesson. We not only over paid but we settled for a used mirror that didn't even include paint work in the price.

The second time we knocked the mirror off, a good friend recommended Best Deal Auto Body. I knew that I was not going back to the shop that did the previous repair.

Our experience with Best Deal Auto Body was a complete 180 from the first. We received a high quality repair at an inexpensive price that also included excellent customer service. Plus they painted the mirror to match the car and it works perfectly! Thanks for the great repair and service! I will definitely be back in the event of any more auto body work needed.
Bob Weinstein
Excellent service! Excellent repair! Owner Mike and staff are skilled and caring. Highly recommended! So glad I found this business. Will take car issues to them in future. Good advice and knowledge of the industry.
Nimueh Rephael
A highly respectable auto body shop! I brought my ’04 Hummer there after an accident, at the recommendation of a friend, and couldn’t be happier with their work. It’s apparent from the moment you walk through the door that this place is respectable. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and communicates the timeline and intent for their work very clearly. Customer service and quality work are definitely cornerstones of their business. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone seeking auto body work in the east valley!
Jack Lightholder